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NEO Tortoise Magnetic Sunglasses

NEO Tortoise Magnetic Sunglasses

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The NEO magnetic sunglasses come in different frame colors and lens options. Our patented shades are designed with magnets in the temple arms so you can magnetically attach your glasses to your hat. Made in France with the finest Zeiss European lenses. Each pair of glasses comes with one set of black magnetic hat inserts. Other insert colors available here.

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How It Works

Keep multiple hats with inserts so you're always ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do the magnets attach to my hat?

All Shadelocks sunglasses have a rare earth magnet molded in the temple tip of the sunglasses, which is the part next to your ear. These magnets attach to the metal mesh inserts that secure into the sweatband of any of your hats

How do the metal inserts stay in my hat?

The inserts have a swing clip to secure it in the sweatband. Start by placing the glasses on your hat to see where the magnets position on your hat - the goal is to have the magnets hit the center of the insert. Then simply swing the clip to the 90 degree position, place the clip in this position in the sweatband, then swing the clip down to a vertical position. You want this to be a tight fit to minimize any movement of the inserts, so there will be tension as you swing down the clip into position.

The inserts are not staying in position, how can I fix this?

When properly installed, it's rare for the inserts to move out of position. If you do encounter this, remove the insert from the sweatband. Then move the clip 180 degree to the up position, and slightly bend it backwards so when it swings back down it rubs on the insert itself. You want it to be a little tough to push the clip over the sweatband to ensure a tight fit.

How do I secure my sunglasses on my hat?

The 'Click' of the magnets attaching to the inserts becomes addictive! Placing the glasses on your hat is best done as a two-hand operation. Gently open the temple arms, position the glasses on the hat brim, then release the arms so the magnets will click as they adhere to the inserts.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders generally ship 1-3 days from receipt, and are shipped via USPS. When shipped, you will receive a notification with a tracking number and estimated delivery date.

Do you have women's sunglasses?

Our models are not gender specific. That being said, the Neo model tends to be most popular with women.

What is the best way to clean my sunglasses?

To best clean Shadelocks glasses, start by rinsing them off with clean, warm water. Then, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the lenses while they're still wet.

Is it safe to have magnets next to my head?

There are rare earth magnets in many items we already use. such as cell phones and earbuds. While there are numerous claims of magnetic headband health benefits in cases such as depression, autism, improved blood flow or brain activity, the science shows that static magnetic headbands do not provide any benefit. The science also does not show any negative side affects to having static magnets near your head. We do not make any claims related to health impacts.

Can I get prescription lenses in the Shadelocks glasses?

Absolutely! We have customers who have had prescription lenses cut for the Neo model with good results. However due to the amount of curvature in the Ferro lens, we don’t recommend prescription replacements in the Ferro model as there would be some distortion. Consult with your ophthalmologist, most shops can custom cut lenses.

Where is the best place to store my Shadelocks?

On your hat of course! They will always be ready to run out the door with you. They will also stick to anything that a normal magnet will stick to - the fridge, garage cabinets, etc.

What does Z87 mean?

Z87 is the distinction for ANSI compliant safety glasses. Because Shadelocks was designed by real people, for real people doing real work, all our sunglasses carry the Z87 distinction. We even carry clear lenses for construction, daytime motorcycle riding, etc.

What quality level are your sunglasses?

All our glasses are made in France with Zeiss European lenses. We strive to provide the highest level of quality possible.

I wear multiple hats, is it possible to get additional inserts?

Yes! We sell many colors of clips, so you can conceal the inserts in as many hats as you want for an easy transition from your favorite roached work or play hat to your dressy happy hour on the rooftop bar ball cap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Skip Stone
Super impressed!

These are sweet! The lens must be high quality because they're more crisp and clear than my other name-brand shades (hint, starts with a Z). I bought them for that reason, but now that summer is here I'm really loving the magnetic feature. I always take off my sunglasses to read my phone but then I forget that I put them on my hat, which leads to expensive mishaps. So far no scratches. I'm guessing I'll have these shades for a while.

Ria Mullins
More than 3 years now!

This is the longest amount of time I have held on to a pair of sunglasses and they are still in great shape! Because they don't fall to the ground and get scratched up, the lenses are as good as when I bought them. I have the classic tortoise frame so they will never go out of style. I sometimes wear other shades for fashion purposes, but they are not as secure, and therefore I am not as secure about them! Shadelocks are my go-to if doing any sort of activity because I know my shades are safe.