As a lifelong carpenter and outdoorsman, I found that keeping my sunglasses handy was difficult. Like many folks in my field, I found myself dropping, losing, or simply having my glasses out of reach when I needed them, throwing me out of my groove. They would easily become dirty and scratched, disrupting my sense of efficiency and organization. Here in sunny Colorado, this issue extended into my outdoor weekend activities, too. I knew I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this problem and that there had to be a solution.

So I decided to make that solution! After many hours of tinkering, failed attempts, and ugly working prototypes, Shadelocks was born! By using a magnet to secure sunglasses to a hat, the problem was finally solved! Shadelocks keep your sunglasses handy and secured in place. They also keep them clean and out of harm’s way by keeping them stored on your hat.

Our sunglasses are made in France by the same people that make many high-end brand sunglasses. Shadelocks get you the quality without the price while keeping your glasses secure. Together, you get a product that will outlast most others while saving you money and keeping broken shades out of the landfills and oceans. They’re a no-brainer for those who work hard and play even harder.

The audible click when your glasses magnetically engage to your hat will soon become a necessary assurance that you have your "stuff" together. Once you adopt our technology you will find that your hat and glasses make a nice set, that stay together even when not on your head. How convenient to find your everyday companions together when hurrying out the door for work or fun!

I hope you’ll love Shadelocks as much as I do! I don’t go a day without them.

Keith Berger
Inventor, Founder, CEO of Shadelocks